It's Sunday evening.....and relax :/

So this is just a quick update on my week, it's been busy busy busy but hopefully very worth it ?

So a quick recap mainly for me as writing it all down may help me to see what I have managed to achieve this week......
I finally made it for a checkup at the dentist, something I have been putting off for too long.  Long story short and one I plan to write about after my treatment on Thursday I need a root canal :( I have a nasty lump in the roof of mouth that needs to be removed sooner rather than later, but I need a root canal before it can be done......serious wonky face :/

Isabelle had her second baby ballet session which was fun, ever seen a baby ballerina have a diva strop  ? Pics and post next week too .

And I managed to blitz my house from top to bottom this weekend and have spent almost ten hours today working on this blog and other internet wonders in order to be ready to start the amazing projects I have sat in every room of our house.

So hopefully all my hard work is at some point going to pay off and make mine and my family's life this space for super organised mummy/business owner/domestic goddess hehe

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

Emma x