making our new house a home

In December of last year we finally moved to a bigger home.  After being squashed into a first floor two bed flat for almost four years we had certainly outgrown it and were fed up of being told we weren't able to be re-housed as not in need.  I had come to the conclusion that we were set to draw our pension while still in the flat, and then a miracle happened!!!! a mutual exchange with a friend of the family, who was in a three bed terrace next door but one to my husbands mum :D 

To say we were ecstatic would be an understatement, we got the ball rolling and hoped to move in by Christmas so we could spend it in our new forever home.  Now we knew that the new house needed a lot of decoration as it had been mostly been done years if not decades before.  We also new that every room apart from the kitchen, bathroom and toilet had polystyrene ceiling tiles.  Not a problem we thought "we can whip them down  - no problem!" famous last words.

What followed was Christmas in our new home with no carpets, boxes everywhere and no idea where to begin making our new house into our forever home.  But we had a great Christmas and after a bout of norovirus over new year we started to unveil the work that lay ahead of us.

My amazing husband spent almost two months working full time and then working every spare hour stripping the house and re-decorating it.  Sadly most of the prep involved scraping tiles off the ceiling which was a one man job, so my role was Chief coffee and snack maker while offering words of encouragement to Sean.

Now today all the rubbish rooms are pretty much finished and our beautiful forever home has emerged and we have never been happier, our children have a room each and a huge garden to play in whenever they like.  Next on my to do list is the kitchen and toilet then lastly the bathroom which is a slightly bigger job but will have to wait until we have saved some more pennies.

here are a few pics of before and during and will update as soon as possible with completed after pics.

those pesky tiles were everywhere!

Sean showing me how it's done

stripping off ceiling tiles is a very messy job and we are still finding bits of polystyrene around the house!
our lounge after being stripped
after coving had gone up

ceiling filled sanded and painted - see how it shines :)

here is a step by step guide on removing polystyrene ceiling tiles yourself so you can save money

       and finally ......

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