Product review - Polycell Crack Free Ceilings

As I mentioned in an earlier post we had to strip polystyrene ceiling tiles from most of the rooms in our house and once we had stripped sanded and filled the ceilings we needed to make the ceiling look as good as new.  

As this was a job neither Sean or me had ever done before and as we both were a little unsure as to how well the finish was going to be we popped to homebase and bought the best product we could afford.  As luck may have it we found this on offer so while still a little bit more than we would normally spend, we figured we were saving the money of having the ceiling plastered so why not ?


 We bought Polycell Crack-Free Ceilings Smooth Silk 2.5L pure brilliant white, and hoped it would be what we needed it to be..............

So how did it do?  well brilliantly actually, this paint is very thick and as we started to paint we didn't expect it to cover our large ceiling and coving.  But it did with a bit left over that we used in the hall, stairs and landing.  The finish was amazing, we have what we would expect a newly plastered ceiling at a fraction of the cost.

just incase you haven't seen my previous blog here is how fab it looks....

this is what was left on the ceiling after stripping the tiles

 after sanding

wow now that is amazing

the lounge ceiling was by far the worst in the whole house, so when we did the bedrooms we used a homebase own paint see below that looked just as good but a lot cheaper.  I'm pretty sure that this would not have had the finish the polycell did on a really bad ceiling though.......

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