Bye Gerry !

I recently posted about a cyst I have in the roof of my mouth caused by two untreated root canals, well I am pleased to say it is no more! 
On the 31st of August (two weeks ago)I was up and out of the house just after 7am and off to my local hospital for my surgery.   To say I was nervous was slight under exaggeration my fear of hospitals and medical things is ridiculous but very real to me.  Stepping foot in a hospital immediately sends me into a nervous sweat and all rational grown up lady thoughts are gone !  I hadn't eaten for over twelve hours and had managed to sleep through my alarm and as a result I just had time to gurgle down a very yucky black coffee before handing Isabelle over to my friend for safe keeping.

Anyway we arrived and I was checked in to the rather nice theatre reception which is in the newly built part of my hospital.  Luckily being last on the morning surgery list meant not waiting too long and at ten to eleven I was fast asleep and having my operation.  My Anaesthetist was lovely and allowed Sean to stay with me as I was put to sleep.  It's funny as a 36 year old woman with two children you would think I would have better coping strategies than holding my husbands hand and telling him I love him a million times, but no and sometimes that's what you need.

Fast forward an hour and a half to me coming round wondering why on earth a man I had never met was in my bedroom asking me if I'm okay wearing maroon scrubs! Okay not actually my bedroom but recovery,  and if my throat hadn't been so dry or my head so woozy I would have demanded to know where my husband was?  and why he wad there instead ? :/

So my operation had gone well and after a couple of hours I was able to go home to rest. 

Now as I have said before I am a total science geek and love to know how everything works, so I consulted Dr Google on my operation and I was in awe if the amazingness that had been performed while I was away with the fairies!  I had an Enucleation (removal)of my cyst and an apicoectomy on the roots on my left lateral incisor and my canine next to it. Which to anyone including me without a dental degree means the removal of a tooth's root tip and filling it. The second procedure was a total surprise as I wasn't aware it was being done until they talked me through the operation that day.  The apicoectomy is performed using a microscope and sonic instruments. WOW!

I have to say I wasn't prepared for my recovery, as I had thought I was just having my cyst removed I was expecting soreness in the roof of my mouth and swelling.  But due to the nature of the root end removal both procedures were performed through my gums and as a result I had 6 stitches under my lip.  So a lot of pain and swelling followed for almost two weeks, and codeine was definitely my friend.  At one point my face was so swollen I looked like a cast member from 'The Grinch'!  But this week two weeks after my operation I am pain free and only have a little swelling by my nose.  My stitches are dissolevable and hopefully should go soon.

I am very happy that my cyst is no more, I would have hoped that when it first appeared a course of antibiotics or something less invasive could have gotten rid of it, but the end result is the same and I am very happy to have my mouth back.  I don't 100% know the cause of my cyst, but have a feeling that I was to blame with grinding my teeth in my sleep, a very annoying habit caused by stress that unfortunately still happens.  The only solution is a very attractive gum shield I will have to wear to bed, yes I'm sure Mr Stolp will find me very sexy at night time!

So from here I have my check up with my surgeon in about four weeks and then off to my dentist for further treatment but after all that my poor mouth has been through it will be a walk in the park.

I would just like to add a great big thank you to my husband Sean, who has looked after me and kept me smiling even if only possible inside xx

Emma xx

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