when the 'sometime in the future' becomes right now!

I posted a while back about my 1 year challenge, to see if I could earn some money from my hobby.  The plan was to find ways I could work from home while still being with Isabelle full time.  I have done a lot of research and had started to work on a few ideas I liked.

Our financial situation was not amazing, but comfortable.  We didn't have spare money each month or any savings as such, but were able to save month by month for days out or for xmas and birthdays.  This was only possible with Sean working six sometimes seven days a week.

However a couple of weeks ago everything changed and I have had to completely re work my action plan.  What was research for my plans for the future has suddenly become 'okay let's do this now'  If I feel ready or prepared enough now or not, I have to get my business up and running asap.  The past few days have seen me locked to my ever dying laptop madly researching and setting up my new business.

Our financial situation has changed dramatically due our tax credits being reduced....... a lot, as Sean had to work mostly seven days a week last year, and as a result our income has gone over their 'threshold'.  All well and good but that was last year and his income is now back to normal.  So without actually panicking I had to put all my plans into action now.  

This week has been a huge learning curve for me, firstly having to register my self as a sole trader and look into VAT is not within my comfort zone.  But I want to do everything correctly so nasty surprises appear in the future.

I have set up a online shop which will go further into product reviews and products I love please pop over and have a look and see what you think, this is still under construction so please check back as I hope it to be all finished very soon.

As always please share and if you comment with your web address I will be happy to link to your website or blog. 

Emma X

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