Being a good parent is having the ability to say no

I quite often find myself annoyed at something somebody has said or done, and generally I will have a whinge to myself or Sean and get over it.  But sometimes I will write about it, today is one of those days!

Being a parent is so flippin easy you can do it with your eyes closed! - said no parent ever!

We as parents have been given an enormous responsibility to care for and nurture our children, and teach them good values and how to treat others.  We may not be and probably aren't perfect and as long as we can show them that is okay, then it's all good.  

One of the biggest tasks I have as a parent is showing my children that not everything is just given to them, we work hard and as a result we may have a treat as a reward.  This is something Josh (5) is really starting to get at the moment, and that Isabelle (2) is just not getting at all but she is 2 years old, and really can't see anything but what she wants :)

I do not spoil the kids, in fact probably the opposite, Josh has had maybe 5 presents this year since his birthday in February, and I can honestly say he really worked for them.  Am I a mean Mummy ? maybe but Josh knows that we don't have an endless pot of money and that things like food and having a roof over our head is important.

He already knows that when he grows up he will need a job to earn money to buy the things he wants, and that in order to get a job he must do his best at school.  You may think this is a bit harsh for a five year old, but I have never once had him throw a wobbly over wanting something he cannot have.

Isabelle is still at the delightful 'terrible two's' stage and after realising this week that I have been giving in to her to stop all the tantrums, I have started to say no more often.  It is very easy to just give in for a quiet life.  I still think of her as a baby and being our last I want to spoil her, but that isn't any good for her.

Just as I want my children to be happy and healthy I also have a responsibility to be their parent which means saying no, and my children appreciate treats as they are once in a while.  The look of pure excitement on Christmas morning or when Josh has been really good and racked up enough stars for his reward is all I need to know I am doing a good job.

Everyone can name at least one person they know that is spoilt or unappreciative of things and I for one do not want my children to be thought of like that.

Emma x

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